Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Time Is Flying By

Lincoln's been home for 2 weeks! It's crazy at how fast the time has gone by. He's still not sleeping well at night...last night he went to bed at 6:30AM and I ended up sleeping on and off until 5PM! I've used the late nights to work on Thank You notes and ordering my announcements. However, I need to get my sleep schedule back in order because I'm going back to work at the beginning of April. Unfortunately it will be sans Andrew. There hasn't been any interest in our house, and in order to continue to make the payments, I need to be working. So we're stepping out on a limb and praying that something happens soon.

In the meantime, Lincoln will officially have his own room, so I'm excited about being able to hang up all of his clothes (we're sharing a closet right now, and by sharing, I mean that his boxes of diapers have taken up all of the space!) and being able to decorate! I figure if I'm there, I might as well decorate! So now I'm obsessing over the details...I wanted the glider and ottoman from Pottery Barn, but I think it may be too much white. I found this glider at Walmart and fell in love with it!

Little Castle Enchanted Embassy Glider

I was originally worried that the black would look odd with the white furniture, but I think it will tie into the bedding and accessories nicely. Now if I can just convince Andrew that we need it! LOL! I found the glider thanks to the blog I stumbled upon: Black and White Delight. They blog about home decor and clothing in my favorite color scheme: black and white!

Come back tomorrow night to see Lincoln's St. Patty's Day outfit! Hopefully his bib will fit him better than the one for Valentine's!

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